Sofas that will last?

plinkoMay 23, 2011

Can you help us out with recommendations?

We are at a loss at where to get good sofas. Tired of buy new furniture every few years because cushions don't last.

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Im curious, give me an idea what you think you should pay for a sofa with cushions that would last more than 5 years?

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We've had great luck with Stickley.

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What area of the country are you in? Are you looking for a single sofa,sofa with loveseat,sectional? And yes do you have a price range you're comfortable with?

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Not info enough..apologies.

I don't think we can afford high end just middle of the road. Are there brands on this range? $1k to $3k. We are in PA.p

Sorry for the travel and i forgot about this thread.

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Look at Bassett for Sofa & Love Sets that start around $1200 (they have a lifetime warranty) and Jackson Furniture would be a step down starting around $900 (they have a 5 year warranty on cushions) for the set. There are plenty of brands in the $3000 plus range that will lifetime warranty their cushions and a good store would be able to get new ones even if they breakdown over time. Bassett would be a great choice for your price range and they do stick behind their products, IMO. Just make sure you shop around and go online to check for the best pricing you can, it can make a big difference.

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We went and looked at Bassett but did not find anythng that would mix with our room.

We ended up ordering a Nichols & Stone sofa today.

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Please let me know how it holds up for you, they just recently started making sofa sets. I am familiar with their case pieces, but since they have only been doing sofas for about a year, am still leary.

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