Can anyone tell me what this is?

ceciliastar1December 27, 2013

We just bought a house that was built in 1920. This fireplace insert came with the house but I can't tell what it is or how it works.

Can anyone explain what all the gadgets are on it, why is there a plug?

Also, would this vent through the chimney? I don't know if it does because in the master bedroom there is a hookup for a gas I'm guessing the chimney isn't real?

Thank you!

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I don't want to sound like a smart Alec but it works by burning wood in it. Maybe I misunderstand your first question.

As far as the gadgets the handles on the doors open the doors. The round knobs on the doors open and close to control the amount of air entering the unit to control combustion, more air more flame, less air less flame which equates to the heat emitted, sort of a manual thermostat.

The bottom handle looks like it pulls out the ash tray to aid cleaning.

The strange handles and metal that goes across the top looks to be an add on that opens the top of the stove. Can't really tell from here.

I can't see a "plug".

Yes it must vent through a chimney, if you have a gas unit sharing the same stack don't ever light this unit unless you know for certain it has it's own independent chimney and that unit and chimney has been inspected by a qualified solid combustion technician to ensure it's usable.

Most likely the units doors are packed with asbestos, it's fine if not disturbed or crumbling.

You have a nice decoration leave it as a decoration.

Hope this helped.

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LOL, I guess my first question did sound kind of dumb. I meant more along the line of what brand?

Thank you for the information!

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I got a chuckle out of this. That IS a fine old wood stove for sure.
I can see the plug and wonder if you could show us where it leads. I suspect it is some kind of fan shenanigan.
The wooden knobs and handle are goofy and should be changed to something else when you get around to it.

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Sorry I see the plug, need to call my wife at work and ask her where the ketchup is. A fan is often placed at the front of the stove to move the hot air.

If you have read some questions here actually yours wasn't that dumb at all.

If the top opens like the bonnet on a car we call those " Quebec heaters". Probably now a generic term for a top loader like everything that is plastic that you store stuff in is Tupperware.

The original handles were probably white ceramic and replaced with those.

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