Double sided Fireplace

shortlidDecember 16, 2007

I just had a offer accepted on a Gambrel in central, New Hampshire. It has a intersting chimney and fireplace. The chimeny is located centraly in the house. It has three flues, one for a oil fired furnace, one for a wood buring stove in the basement, and one for the firsplace. The fire place can been seen through on the first floor and you can see from one room into the next through the fire box. How efficent are these fire boxes? Anything in particular in building fires in them?

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Efficient as far as heating your home??

The wood stove will out perform your fireplace by about 100% IMO.

Fireplaces are notoriously inefficient because they send all your hot air up the flue and often the warm air in the room goes right alone with it.
The wood stove on the other hand will radiate heat from all sides and your basement will be toasty warm. Add a blower to that stove and you'd be set.

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OK, I know fireplaces are just for ambiance. I just thought that with two side for the heat to radiate out it might be more efficent than a standard fireplace. Are even the old non-air tight wood stoves efficient in heating the house.

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