Pet proof carpeting

Jstell2008March 4, 2009

I need to replace my carpeting and I have 2 old cats, 13 and 15. One of them vomits (yuck!) a lot and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about a brand of carpeting that would work with this problem?

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Smartstrand and several PET fibers or even Solution dyed nylons are good for pets throw ups. The acid in stomachs can permanently stain nylon fibers. Stainmaster used to specifically exlude cat thrown up from their stain warranty. My friend with cats bought Smartstrand from Mohawk specifically cause its softer, very fade resistant and stain resistant. 4 yrs and still looks good.

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I am currently negotiating for several new displays for smartstrand for my stores. Until the recent pitch made to my company, I really would not know what to suggest other than solution dyed as boxers said. Smartstrand does not have exclusions and urine and vomit is included. I have not seen it demonstrated to me yet, but, and this is a big but...these guys tell me you can clean the carpet with water. That the molecular makeup of the carpet will not allow the stain to attach. Also, they showed me a chart that stated it wears better than a 6.0 Nylon. Impressive if it's true. They make low cost smartstrands and high cost ones also. They also have a non branded smartstrand display (products out) that is the same stuff with the same warranties a whole lot cheaper. I am a Shaw guy, but this Mohawk smartstrand seems like a winner. That's how I would go if buying right now. PS I always seem to agree with Boxers comments on these forums if your listening boxer. Good luck Jstell2008. I am receiving another pitch from Mohawk Vice president and Regional Guy on the 19th. I will have a better opinion then as I will be bringing this comment up to them and I am anxius to see how they react to vomit and potential cat urine. See Ya

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thats nice of you to say. I worked for carpet mills for 25 yrs starting with Burlington selling woven carpet, and spent yrs with Mohawk as well. Ended up at Armstrong after they bought Bruce but started with GAF making asbestos tile...yes, yes I know.....but do have a little background in flooring. Thanks for the comments.

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Thanks for your help. I researched the Smartstrand by Mohawk online and it looks interesting. I will visit a dealer this weekend to see it. Thanks again.

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I work for Mohawk and agree that Smartstrand is your best choice for carpet in your situation. Just remember that no carpet is stain proof.

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Another question - What about a high traffic area, does Mohawk Smartstrand stand up to a LOT of foot traffic. I have carpeting now that has stood up for over 20 years in a high traffic area.

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it does very well. If you look at styles that have a tight twist or a textured type pile it helps appearance retention. When you have a slightly looser pile where you walk on the 'sides' of the yarn wear patterns get much harder to see. Its really a function of construction and the non directional look that helps eliminate a traffic pattern, vs a smooth tight cut pile where you walk on the 'tips' of the yarn and your eye would go to a spot immediately. Same thing in wood flooring, the texture is the key.

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So, would a short pile carpet (less than 1/2 in), very tightly woven (like 60 oz or so), with a good twist to the yarn, hold up well?

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'hold up' and 'wear' are very subjective terms. What you are asking for is a carpet that when subjected to heavy traffic won't start showing a traffic pattern? I've answered as best as I could, but without seeing the carpet your thinking about its sort of hard to render an opinion. If your buying from a bigger store, not a box store, be upfront with your expectations and then let them guide you. If you have a 60 oz cpt in a very tight pulled down yarn with a short pile ht generally I'd think that it would perform very well. I'm not big on talking oz but that sounds like a good product. Also some products come with appearance retention warrantys and those are on products that would perform well.

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Thanks. I'll be looking this week and I'll let you know what pattern, etc, I found. Thanks again. I appreciate the help.

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While not to muddy the waters here, but another line to check out would be from Hollytex. Hollytex came out with the Ultimate Performance Collection. This line mixes Solution Dyed Nylon with a very soft hand to the carpet. Also as Boxer stated about Texture Rentention, these all have 10 years or more.

The style are plentiful and the colors all are from a Martha Stewart palate.

I have worked all over the Carolina's and now in Dalton and have had plenty of success story's with this collection.

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When we moved into our new house 7 years ago, I had 2 old dogs that couldn't always hold their urine. I bought a carpet with a solid, waterproof backing. It was not rubber and the carpet fiber was not attached directly to the thin waterproof backing. There is ordinary carpet backing between. This was not cheap carpeting but looked and cost like any other. I bought it at HD. Shortly thereafter it disappeared from the market and I have always wondered if there was something wrong with it though it has done very well for us. My only regret is buying a light solid color because I don't love vacuuming. Does anybody have any idea what it might have been or why it was removed? Actually I never looked anywhere but HD, so it may still exist somewhere. I can't remember the manufacturer. It seems like it was a west coast product. I've had no trouble getting stains or odors out of it.

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Mohawk and several other mills yrs ago offered a pet proof backing. I can't recall what we called it at the time. It was along the lines of a antimicrobrial carpet. This has been around for awhile in various forms, now you can find it on some pad.

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