who is the Harman Accentra guru?

ilmbgDecember 8, 2007

I am hoping there might be somebody here tonite that knows the Harman Accentra well- I have been on the Hearth.com, and nobody there to help. I am COLD!! I have only a pellet stove. Today it was working fine, then tonite it went into shutdown mode. I tried to get it to restart by turning the dial to about 70 degrees- nothing. Then in a bit it tried- the auger was not working. I had cleaned it earlier, so I know it is clean. Now, the auger is making an effort- it turns, but slow (I don't know how slow it usually goes, cause I have never watched the auger before) It sounds like it is straining. I tried to see if there was any chunks or anything stopping the auger- I can't see much- only by the burnpot. There are a few pellets in it now, but not lighting. Is there a way to get a cover off to see the auger? There are two wingnuts on the left side, as you look at it from the back- what is that? I can't get them off- too tight. It is frickin cold in here- about 52 degrees. This is my heat. Of course it is Friday nite, and the dealer is 4 hours away. What can any of you suggest? Right now, I have the back off- thought I would leave it off because I'll call tomorrow. Any help appreciated.

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Sounds like you need a new feed motor.
Mine did the exact same thing (and then stopped working completely)
After the feed motor was replaced, it worked fine.
Good luck and try to stay warm in the meantime.

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sonoma4- yep- you are right. Yesterday (Sat), I was on the phone for a couple hours, total, with Majic City Stoves, from Casper. Steve went through absolutely everything, from one end to the other with me, guiding me through what to do. The auger feed motor is shot. Seems strange to me, as I am normally gone south by this time of the year- I usually only use the stove for about 2 months each year! The new motor will take until Tues, probably Wed to get here. Thank goodness I live in an earthship home, as I know I would be bursting pipes if I was in a conventional home, as it is 0 degrees at night, teens during the day. I don't need any heat if the sun is out during the day. I am not sold on the Harman products yet, as I see so very many complaints about them- seems to me more than any other stove. Will really have to give it more thought when I build the next house. Thanks for your advice.

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