Which Direction to Lay Kitchen Hardwood Flooring

bsullyMarch 13, 2013

We are doing a complete renovation of our kitchen which includes knocking down a wall to a sun room. We would like to run the flooring the long way (left to right) and towards the added space/sun room/natural light source but it is the opposite direction of the rest of the house. The rest of the house is the standard 2 inch light colored oak, while the kitchen will be 4 and 1/4 dark wood. We thought it could still work since the floors are so different and it is a very distinct area of the house. If we run it in the same direction as the rest of the house then the length would be much shorter and not flow into the added space/sunroom/natural light.

The sunroom is not hardwood, but rather tiled. Also, if we run it towards the sunroom we would be pulling up the floor joists and running them opposite direction so the wood flooring is perpendicular. The picture is a view from the sunroom into the kitchen

Any thoughts/suggestions on going the opposite direction of the rest of the house?

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There is a number of flooring options available such as tiling, marble and so on. Mostly people would prefer wooden flooring due to its a number of feature such as durable, economical, comfortable, unique look and last longer. Extensive search through the web helps you come across companies offering the services at discount rates.

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By looking at the picture, I'm assuming the house has a basement or crawlspace. If that's the case, the wood needs to be laid perpendicular to the floor joists. This will give the floor much more support that you'll definitely need it with the wider planks.

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You can beef up the subfloor and underlayment if you do not wish to install the boards perpendicular to the joist. HW need not run the same direction as the rest of the HW in your house. It's hard to tell from your description if it would fine. What worries me more is all the different types of flooring you are using. I would match the HW that you have in the rest of your house.

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Just use common sense here. Look at the condition of the subfloor boards. What are they made of and are they still mostly stiff and flat? If they haven't sagged between the joists in 80 years or so, they're not going to do that now. Although the book says install finish flooring perpendicular to the joists, I would not worry much about that, especially where the subfloor material condition is as I described. Simply make sure that the subfloor is well-attached and sqeak-free.

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