what do you clean the interior side of the glass door?

Shannon01December 9, 2007

I have a KozyHeat and the door has soot on it. Manual says to use oven spray. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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First off keep in mind the "glass" door isn't glass, it's ceramic. So do NOT use WINDEX. I just use Fantastic. Wait until the door is cool enough to the touch and just spray on the Fantastic and use a paper towel to wipe it clean. Then just toss the dirty towel into the stove and relight it.
If the door has scorch marks on it you can use the oven cleaner or just go to the local hardware store and buy some woodstove glass cleaner. It takes the scorch marks off right away.

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G'day, I spent big bucks on my Napoleon 1401 so I don't mind spending for what I consider the best ceramic window cleaner on the maket. I buy "Fireview" product id number #15825 comes in a 1 pint spray bottle similar in size and shape like your typical Lysol kitchen spray bottles. It is sold under the Spray Nine Corporation brand name and should be available in your local home supply or hardware stores, such as True Value, Home Depot, Valu Home Centers, etc. for about $6. Of course you let the unit cool somewhat. I place an old towel or rag under the door to collect drippings. Spray it on the creosote impregnated surface and wait about 10 or 15 minutes. It drips down and the rest can be wiped with a soft cloth. Stubborn baked on creosote may take a few more subsequent sprays or a few minutes longer of a wait. In any event, mine seems to self clean most of the time from a proper maintained temperature but does occasionally soot up and requires the cleaning. Try the stuff and I doubt if you will be unhappy. Try a search on Google and read up on it. Wow, this almost sounds like a paid advertisement which it most definitely is not. Just a happy consumer's feedback. Walt - kf2xn, Grand Island, NY

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I use the same cleaner I use on my ceramic cooktop range to clean the glass on my pellet stove. It cleans the glass up nice with no streaks.
There are a few brands out there. The one I use is called Ceramabrite. Can be found in HD & Lowes in the appliance section.

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Shannon depending on how much soot you have, an old standby is to wet a paper towel and dip it in the ashes and use that to scour the soot off. Then use a moist or dry paper towel to rinse or wipe off all the residue. You will be surprised how well that works and costs virtually nothing. As said above, only do this on a cool door.

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i spray mine down, when cool of course, with Greased Lightning. let it soak in for a couple minutes, then wipe it right off. been doing that once a week for the last 3 winters and not signs of any problems. my only real question is why does only my right hand door soot up!

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I second the ash method. I use vinegar and water with a little ash around the sooty edges.
OK sometimes windex.


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