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motleydogMay 25, 2012

Shopping for a new leather sofa, I an intrigued with the Hancock and Moore American Buffalo leather, called Bozeman.

Does anyone have experience with buffalo leather, especially Bozeman? How does it compare to cowhide?

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Water buffalo most common in Asia, if you ever seen one, their is a definitely a distinct deference in their skins / hides. And so will be the leather thats made from these hides. Buffalo hides are usually thicker and stiffer compared to most "cow hides". But in the past decade, demand for leather has increased so much and so has the price, the buffalo has become more common, and so has the processing of the buffalo leather improved over the past few years. I dont think it will never match or be as good as the "cow hide". Maybe ok for a less expense option, but best to really take a hard look at their leather samples and compare, and dont let the manufacturer convince you that their can be a difference in quality and feel of the samples and the actual leather your getting, If they do it just means their quality control is in-sufficient.

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