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octoberdanaMay 3, 2009

We have a 6 year old red microfiber couch that needs to be replaced. It has a matching loveseat that is still in very good condition as it hardly gets used- it's mostly there for when we have company.

DH really wants a reclining sofa. He originally picked out one that looks like it should go in a media room (cupholders, remote holders, etc). I vetoed it. We only have ONE room that we can put a couch in and it is more than a TV room.

DH is only open to microfiber as he hates leather and he doesn't want cloth because we have a cat.

We went to the furniture stores this weekend and every couhc he falls in love with is reclining. I do not like the look of reclining sofas- they do not look like sofas to me. They look like chairs all fused together.

Anyway, we are trying to work out a compromise. We have three options:

Buy a new stationary couch/loveseat and incorporate a recliner into the living room (this would require major rearranging of the furniture)

Buy a new reclining loveseat & couch. My fear with this option is that the loveseat would be a huge waste of money- as we don't need it to recline and they cost significantly more than stationary ones.

Buy a new reclining couch and use the current loveseat. We would then have two different colors and styles going on in the room.

Since I'm very traditional and DH is very contemporary and cares about comfort we are trying to work a compromise.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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Option 4 - Get a new husband.....Only kidding! (I couldn't resist)

Ultimately, I think you would be happiest with the stationary sofa and a recliner. However, another compromise would be to buy a sofa or sectional with a chaise at one end. Do you think he would be open to this?

Good luck.

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I am in agreement with Karsha-- purchase a new sofa that YOU adore and a separate recliner, side table and light for your husband. Discard the older love seat, it won't match anything. No reclining sofa-you will never like the looks of it.

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