Harman Accentra warranty- Not mine!! Also BlazeKing question. Tha

ilmbgNovember 1, 2007

I read some older posts about Harman Accentra warranties- one person said there was a 3 year electrical/mechanical/labor, and a parts/workmanship for 6 years. I bought an Accentra September 24, 2003. Last year, November 2, 2006, I was having problems- not lighting,5 blinks. I bought the stove from a dealer in Casper, Wyoming-4 hours away.The closest place to get one. The stove had been used about 2 monthspart of October, part of November 2003. Since then, it had not been used because I go to Texas in the winter. So last year I stayed home in the winter. Even though the stove had been used only a couple months, the dealer would help in any way- I asked if she would contact the manufacturer and let them know of the situation. She said they said no. I was not told about the 6 year part. Last nite and tonite I had to try twice to get it going. I have followed the cleaning directions explicently, but have not heard about cleaning'behind the panels'. Someone mentioned that their dealer faxed them a copy of how to do it- it is not in the book. Anyway- what would be the deal with the warranty? Maybe Harman is supposed to be the best pellet, but it does not compare to my BlazeKing Queen!(1984 model) I would have that back in a hearbeat if I could still cut wood. I use this for my only heat- when I finally get to build in Texas, I will have a BlazeKing for backup heat. I have heard that the newer BlazeKings are not as good as the older ones- what do you think?

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Sorry- I forgot to ask- I see a poster uses corn mixed with pellets- I did not know we could use corn???

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Sounds like your ignitor is bad..........switch stove to manual mode and start with fire starting gel. The ignitor is a electrical componet thats only covered under the 3 yr. warranty.

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Before we blame the ignitor do we know if the ignitor is getting hot? if it is, you may want to check to see how much draft is going through the unit. Sometimes having too much draft will not allow the unit to light properly. Just something to think about.

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I forgot that I had asked my question because the stove started by itself....until last nite! I had to turn it to 'manual' last nite, as I noticed it was D#$%M cold in here, and it has not turned on- not even tried to light. Tonite, I again had to go manual- but it took two times. I have cleaned routinely as the book says, but am not sure I do all, as the pictures are not good quality. I hope I am getting to all the places that I am supposed to. As for the draft- I believe the adjustment is only supposed to be done with an instrument that the dealer/maintinance people use- right? It is adjusted in the lower left corner(as you face the stove)- a very small 'slot'? (can't get up right now to look at manual, as spoiled dog in lap). Why does it light when I go to manual, but doesn't on its own? Thanks

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