Need help building round river rock woodstove hearth

happymomof8November 4, 2008

Hi, we are building a house, have the pad framed in for the woodstove and would like to use round river rock from our creek on the outside and up the wall. Will use something flat for the actual pad where the stove will sit. Does anyone have any experience with this, my husband is getting nervous at the thought of it even though he has done most of the house so far. Texture is being done now, so he will need to be putting rock on soon. His questions are: how do you secure the rock to the wall, will the mortar hold the rocks as you build it up, or do you have to build in portions and let each level or 2 set up?


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I do like also river rock. It's a good idea for a fireplace. However , you have to install it with care. As you know River Rock is really heavy. Thus , mortar would not hold it by itself. Here is the secret . First , you have to start like regular stone installation . However , when you start getting higher you have to tie each stone with a wire. It does not matter how heavy is. The wire will hold the stone while the mortar gets dry.
Just cut the wire off after 2 or 3 days maximum

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Thank you andres for the info. This may be a dumb question, husband probably knows, but what do you hook the wire to?

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