Sealy Spring Free latex mattresses?

judybarnesMay 17, 2009

I've been looking for a latex eastern king mattress set and it's been a confusing experience. At the first place I visited I could get an Englander for around $1,400. It felt fine, but I've since read some negative reviews concerning their durability. I've tried a couple of Sealy Posturepedic Spring Free Plush mattresses in different stores, probably both the same model with different names. They use Talalay latex, Englander uses Dunlop for whatever that info is worth. I've also read conflicting reviews about those two products. I can get the Sealy for around $2,200. I wouldn't mind paying more if it is a better-quality bed. Both my husband and I are not heavy, but I'm concerned about impressions/indentations as well as motion transfer, which is why I want latex.

Thanks for any advice you can give me. It's an expensive enough purchase that I'd rather not make a mistake!

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Now I've read that the Sealy spring free are not Talalay latex at all, but are a total synthetic. Today I was at Ashley Furniture to try the spring free, and they have a new mattress they make themselves with a four-inch layer of Talalay foam on a base of polyurethane. No quilted top, just a fire-retardant cover. It felt fine, although I might prefer the Sealy, but the Ashley Amor 4 would probably work for me if it holds up. I'm just getting more confused!

I simply want a natural Talalay bed at a reasonable price from a showroom where I can try it out. Do I have to go to a "high-end bedding" store?

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Never mind! I think that Sealy's SAPSA foam is state-of-the-art and that the spring free is probably a fine mattress. I'm going to stop obsessing and just order it. It will probably outlast a Costco memory foam bed.

But if anyone knows anything positive about Englander's latex beds, I'd love to save some money!

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Judybarnes, How much is the Sealy's latex bed since I almost went that route but finally decided the bed was too soft for me and I really needed to fine tune my bed's comfort. I chose a latex kit and went with but here are other companies out there also. I ordered split cores and a split slat box with 10" legs to make the bed higher for my Wesley Allen 60" headboard and to store clothes under my bed. I have three layers of Talalay Latex on each side of my bed with a natural Talalay Latex topper. Four out of the 6 latex cores are 100% natural Talalay Latex while each side also has a super firm blended Talalay Latex core. If I wanted to save money and had a platform bed already, I could have just went with two latex core layers on each side of my Queen bed but I wanted a thicker mattress.

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