Friend recently gifted me chair (Eames?)

eames654May 1, 2012

A friend of mine recently gifted me a Chair since he was moving and didn't have room for it in his new house. It appears to be an Eames type chair and I just wanted to find out more about it. Link to the pictures:

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It looks like a knock off to me, from what I can see.

They are worth what someone will pay in a given market.

The Eames version has never been out of production and they are really expensive $4500-5700 retail, so this tends to drive the price of vintage ones in good condition. Only a very early or prototypical one will be worth more, independent of condition.

Look at eBay or 1st dibs under Eames or Eames style lounge to see prices of the real thing and for pictures to compare the real vs. the imitators.

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There are some good knock of of the Eames chair, so good in fact that it is hard to tell. The Eames lawyers come after the knock off companies with a vengence so they are getting more difficult to find. It's a nice gift either way and you have a good friend. Enjoy it.

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eames654 I had a look at your pictures and I don't think it's a knock off. I used to sell these chairs and it looks like the real thing.

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