Sleep Number Bed - Small Rooms/Hallways/Stairs

carmin_casaMay 18, 2009

Everyone has seen the Infomercials and Commercials of the " Sleep Number Bed" ... And wonder what the heck is the difference between a sleep number bed from a regular mattress ?

I bought a sleep number bed last year and I have to share this because It's a necessary Need for some people -

Why I chose a Sleep Number Bed is because I live in a 90 yr old house that has incredibly small doorways and stair wells. This " Mattress" set is basically a puzzle foundation - put together. What you would call a Box spring is a Puzzle and it can be easily put together and dismantled. The top mattress is like a Pancake - you can "almost" fold it in 1/2.

If I did not have the Option of a Sleep Number Bed .. I don't think I would be able to utilize my upstairs as my bedroom. Not even a Twin Mattress would be able to go up my stair way .. there is no way. Not without someone having a nervous breakdown.

I have a Queen size and I LOVE IT. It does not have any of the fancy new " Lifts" as they sell now. Motorized lift to the feet or head. Its just flat. Its incredibly comfortable and even more so - its weightless compared to a reg mattress set.

I just wanted to share ... :)


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