Is there a compromise between a fireplace and an insert?

sjbgardenNovember 29, 2010

My husband and I love wood fireplaces, the look, feel and smell. We also understand the practicality and efficiency of a wood-burning stove. We would love to investigate a compromise and don't know were to start!

Some people recommend an insert, but the window you look through is still so small!

I miss looking into the fire and hearing the crackling of the wood, but I do admit, the warmth the stove kicks off is unquestionably efficient!

Is there such a thing as the best of both worlds?

The fireplace/firebox is large, it really is a shame to close it down!

Photo link below.

Any thoughts?



Here is a link that might be useful: Link to my fireplace photos

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I recently purchased/installed a Hearthstone Clydesdale insert (which I'm pretty happy with) and the window is fairly large (about 20in wide x 12 in high) and you can purchase a screen which allows you to leave the door open safely.

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If you do not want to install an insert, there is an alternative, but you will need to do some searching, because I do not have specific information about it. The device I have in mind, invented by a physicist, is a specially designed iron crate into which the wood is stacked in a certain specific way. The advantage of the system is that much less heat is lost up the chimney than with a conventional system. So it is much more energy efficient.

If you cannot find anything about this from searching the web on your own, go to They have a forum of fireplace experts who might be able to guide you.

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