Separate IRAs with different beneficiaries

jkom51August 25, 2007

Some folks who have multiple children/grandchildren prefer to have separate IRAs with a different beneficiary listed on each. I just read in my latest Forbes magazine that Vanguard has changed its policy and DOES NOT allow this any longer. In fact, they are receiving criticism because if you change the beneficiary on one IRA but not any others at their company, they will unilaterally change all your beneficiary designations on your IRAs to match, even without your consent.

Apparently T. Rowe Price also has a policy of not allowing different beneficiary designations on separate IRAs held at their firm. No other major brokerages have this policy.

Obviously, this doesn't apply to most people, but I thought it was a little-known fact that might prove useful to some in their estate planning.

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A solution would be to have the accounts at different financial institutions.

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