Horizontal venting? How far?

fscott55November 25, 2006

I want to put in a direct-vent fireplace, but I need to run it horizontally from the fireplace to the outside wall. The distance is about 10-12 feet. The problem is that I can't go vertical more than a foot or so.

I have looked at some various makes of fireplaces like Heat-n-Glo, Kozy Heat, Quadrafire. The only one that *appears* to go horizontally from the fireplace is Kozy Heat. They show they need a 1/4" rise per foot of horizontal run.

Does this mean I can exit the Kozy Heat fireplace with say a 45 degree angle and take it right into a horizontal run of 12 feet to the exit vent?

Other makes say you need like 2 feet of vertical for 3 feet of horizontal.... I'm very confused.

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At a 1/4" rise per foot you would need a 3" rise for 12'. This must be over the total distance; in other words, the vent needs to be slanted upward for its entire run. No portion can be level, thus no 45 degree to hoizontal.
The 1/4" per foot rise does, however, seem too little. It's hard to see how adequate draft could be achieved. The quote of 2' vertical to 3' horizontal seems much more realistic unless the Kozy Heat has some sort of power venting system. Such systems have their own very real problems: frequent replacement, don't work in a power outage and more.

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