Thermometer for Wood Stove

rudysmallfryNovember 29, 2005

I just got a Hearthstone Heritage wood stove. The manual says to place the thermometer on the top center piece of soapstone. However, during the breakin fire, it was obvious that the flue heated up sooner (and seemingly hotter) than the soapstone. Wouldn't it make more sense to put the thermometer on the piece that gets hottest? Where do those of you with soapstone have your thermometers?

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once the stove is warm/hot the surface will be accurate but initially the stove pipe being sheet metal will get hot faster. i put 1 on the top of my stove and another 2' up the stove pipe. i have a vc defient encore that i heat a 1500 sq ft house.

just curious, i had a hearthstone stove in 1992, it was beautiful. problem was that it did not have proper air controls to regulate the stove. the max burn was about 6-7 hours. had to get rid of it, it was a stove that was exempt from emission controls. i thought all hearthstone stoves were suspect from that experience. do you like yours? how many seasons have you used it?


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I just got mine, and so far have only done the break in fire. I'll be doing the first good fire over the weekend. I can already tell that the stove drafts very well from the very tall flames in the break in fire. I have yet to play with the damper to see how slow a burn I can achieve.

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I also had the same problem with the Soapstone stoves..I had a max burn time of 6 hours.. Never had a fire last through the night..Had it 3 years before I sold it and bought a Jotul which is a a hardworking stove that last through the night and puts off amazing heat, which I could not get from the Soapstone..

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