Grate size for woodburning FP?

wwwonderwhiskersNovember 8, 2011

Hello. We can't decide, so thought we'd toss this out to you fun folks.

We have new home construction with new woodburning FP. We have gas in another location, and infrastructure for a stove in the basement (future stuff).

Regarding the Woodburning FP, please see picture & advise - what size grate would you use?

We are considering just normal grate like this one:

Three legs, self-feeding kinda thing, tapered shape to work with the corner FP.

Our FP size:

Front width is 43 inches,

Back width is 33 inches,

Depth is 22 inches.

We can't decide between the 10 bar, and the 8 bar.

The 10 bar measures:

- foot placement is 33.5 in the front, 28.5 in the back;

- bar basket / cradle is 25 inches front, 22 in back.

The 8 bar measures:

- foot placement is 28.5 in the front, 24.5 in the back;

- bar basket / cradle is 22&1/4 inches front, 17.5 in back.

Any suggestions let us know please, thanks! My tendency is to have a large back-log, and build a nice fire in front of it. TIA !

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