Torn Between Henredon, Stickley, and Century

mrbean1026May 28, 2009

Hello all,

I'm in the market for a sleigh bed. I've seen three beds that I have fallen in love with. I will be purchasing the remaining bedroom pieces from whichever manufacturer's collection I chose on the sleigh bed.

Bed #1 - Stickley - 3038L Kensington Sleigh Bed (king)

Bed #2 - Henredon - 9802-12 Ashton Court Sleigh Bed (king)

Bed#3 - Century - 801-156 Castellen Panel Bed (king) (Not to sleigh bed, so maybe not a great comparison)

All three beds are available to me at very close prices to within a few hundred dollars, so taking price out of the equation, which of the three is the better built piece? I have heard great things about tall three, but I just want to make sure I'm buying the highest quality of the three particular pieces I linked.

Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I would go for the Century bed it is by far the most dramatic. Henredon quality is not what it was.

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I've had my Henredon Bedroom furniture for over 20 years now !! I Love it ! It's lasted through 4 children (jumping on the bed !!). I haven't bought any new furniture from Henredon, so I can't speak to the quality of the newer furniture. But I am definitely happy with mine !

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You'd be hard pressed to beat Stickley quality.

I know that much of Henredon is now being made in China. Not sure if Century has started manufacuring overseas yet.

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This is more a style/life-style consideration than quality per se, but the Century bed will require a lot more up keep. I have a great love of some ornate things, but they are MUCH more time consuming to dust and clean than the other two beds would be. One other thing you might think of is if you read or watch TV in bed--that Century headboard looks like it might hit your head/neck in an awkward position. If you do neither activity, it's not a consideration. I have a beautiful Henredon bed (quite detailed and a bit of a pain to clean) but I love it and it's a fabulous reader's bed. I'm not sure if you have a bias one way or another, but from the photos, I suspect the Stickley is solid wood...the other two are definitely veneers. For a bedroom, either are perfect fine, but some people have a preference. I haven't seriously looked at furniture for 5+ years, but then... I'd give Stickley the overall edge on quality. Henredon made some fabulous stuff (my bed) other things not quite as good--the same for Century. 5 years ago Stickley was consistently producing wonderful things, but I know they went through a bad period (70's early 80's if I remember correctly.) I guess my point is, you really have to look at the individual pieces, in person and look at lots of high quality stuff, and then you know if this is a good piece. The sales people will have biases, but ask them to help educate you on why you should be paying for this item. Not all sales people know they stuff, but many of them in stores carrying this good of furniture do. One final thought, the Stickley and Henredon bed will work in any home of any style, the Century bed will look out of place in a modern home--but if you don't intend to move--that's not important either.

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My son has a Henredon sleigh bed that was purchased three years ago, although it is not exactly like the one in your link. I cannot recall the name of the collection, but the bed is beautiful and beautifully made. Every time I dust it I marvel at the beauty of the finish.

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Both quality wise and style wise, I would vote for the Stickley. It is a timeless style and their pieces are absoltuely top quality.

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Another vote for the Stickley (I am very partial to their style and quality!)

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Hello again,

Thanks for all the comments. I decided to buy the Stickley and matching dresser!!

Thanks again, much appreciated!!

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