need help--squeaky metal bunk bed!

darylMay 8, 2008


We have a bed and breakfast with a squeaky tubular metal bunk bed. Our guests have alerted us to the problem. Hubby tightened up all the bolts, but it still squeaks. We really don't want to replace it right now ($$$$$)and would like to repair it since it is fine otherwise. We've thought of taking it apart and inserting washers (nylon, felt, ? ). Any ideas or tried and true experiences would be of great help. Thank you. Daryl

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Try taking the joints apart and rub on a generous coat of wax. I use the blocks of canning wax available in any supermarket.

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Squeaks are caused by metal-on-metal contact. Find a way to buffer that and you'll stop the squeaks! Good luck.

Duane Collie

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