where to get good unfinished red oak flooring

psyoheMarch 2, 2013

I need to find unfinished red oak flooring. I am not sure which size to get. My stairs are red oak and there is a landing that I need to cover with red oak. Then there is a turn and 1 more red oak stair which goes down to my white oak 2 1/4 inch flooring.

So should I get 2 1/4" wide red oak for the landing or go with a wider board since the stairs are wider boards?

Also does anyone know a reputable dealer online? We live 2 hours from a large city so internet is easier. We just want a quality product.

Thanks, Peke

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I think it totally depends on where you live. In our previous location, we were 2 hours from major cities; HOWEVER, there was a hardwood plant located 10 mins from our house that supplied the majority of the hardwood floor stores in the major city. We were able to purchase directly from them for our floors.

I'm not sure how many square feet you are needing but I'd think shipping might be a significant cost. It might be worth the two hour trip to pick it up and see it for yourself. Also, there are different grades so do some research about that in advance.

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I only need a small amount. 51" by 47" to finish up the stair landing.

The only place I found was lumber liquidators but I have heard that they don't always have good products.

Once we are finished with the kitchen, we will be buying more white oak for the bedroom.

I guess I will try Lowes or Home Depot or a local lumberyard.


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Well no local lumberyard sells it. Won't even order it.

Found Lumber Liquidators 2 hours away from us so we bought it there. Haven't opened the bundles yet, but maybe it will be a good product. Peke

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