Deciding on a Wallmount for master bedroom

natorockNovember 28, 2010


We are building a new house. Out master bedroom is on the small side, so I feel a wall mounted fireplace is a good option to keep floorspace available. I looked at some today, they were Regency. And I am shocked at the price! The guy told me it would be about $3500.00 all said and done WOW. So then I started to look into other options, and found the "illuminations electric fireplace" It is also wall mounted, but has candles in it that apparently look real.

Does anyone know about the cost of these? Or about how real they look? The last thing I want is something really cheap looking, I'd rather have nothing then that.


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You might consider a wall mounted gas stove. They come in all sizes and styles. Some are very pretty. I think some are designed to work with either natural or propane gas.

In any case, don't buy a unit unless you have actually seen it lit up.

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A bit late to chime in but you should check out I don't know if you have thought or heard of biofuel fireplaces. I purchased one for the house we recently sold(building now). They offer floor and wall mount. They are really cool I think and you don't have to run a gas or electric for them.(The issue with our old house) You can also purchase the biofuel from them. My double sided(see through) would burn for about 3 hours on about 16oz of fuel. Hope this helps.

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