opinions on lennox /whitfield pellet stoves

kkdudaNovember 14, 2007

Does anyone have either a Lennox Winslow or a Whitfield Profile 30 that could share their experiences with us? We were considering buying one and would like any opinions that you could share. Thank you.


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Profile 30's are discontinued. They are a nice look, but make sure you understand the maintenance involved. There is a damper that will need adjustment and a photo-eye in it that needs cleaning and it takes a slightly technical person to get to it. The Winslow is a Country Stove and is still made by Country. If you are looking at the freestanding you may also want to look at Harman's Advance. The insert is a nice look. Country is a pretty good stove, but not sure if Lennox has changed anything in it. Harman is an excellent stove.
I have a Whitfield by Lennox Optima 2(also discontinued), and two Harman pellet units. I would probably buy a Country stove over a Whitfield because they are discontinued and I would worry about being able to get parts for the life of the stove. Harman is what I would consider to be the best.

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