Bradington Young question...Duane?

alintoff4May 11, 2008

I have narrowed down our leather sectional to either the Bradington Young "Decatur" or King Hickory "Creative Rooms". My biggest question about the Bradinton Young is about the fill.....every sofa or chair I have ever sat in by BY seems stiff (i.e very firm) and overfilled....not soft and comfy at all. The standard fill in the Decatur is a "Formula 14". What kind of fill is that? Is it soft or more firm? I want a really soft, comfy sectional. It will be in our family room, so I want it to be very comfy to cuddle up in.......please help!


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Hi Jill,

Of course, cushion comfort is very subjective, and what suits one does not suit another. The B-Y "Formula 14" cushion is their "Luxdown", which is a high density foam core wrapped in a 50/50 ticking of fiber on top, bottom and front. Added to that is a layer of 95/5 feather/down. Ticking is oversized to give a relaxed feel and look, with a 'puddled' look. This should not be a stiff cushion at all - have you sat in one with a F14 setup? (by the way, back cushions are Formula 8).

Now for the bad news. UPS just came by a few minutes ago and there is a price increase delivered to me from Bradington Young that goes into effect with all the dealers on May 19th. Just a quick spot check on the Decatur sofa model 116-95 shows MSRP going up in Class 1 hide from $ 3,750 to $ 4,045 on the new price list. Factor in a 40% discount (and that means on the sofa the price is going up about $ 177.00.
If you're looking at a sectional, you'd be wise to order before May 19th.

Duane Collie

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Thank you so much Duane! I have never sat in one with an F14 setup (that I am aware of). Would that be similar to the formula 14? Also, is the Formula 8 on the softer side as well? I must say that when my husband and I both sat in the FlexSteel Dylan (the latitudes line), we both thought it was incredibly comfortable (albeit not that well made). Neither of us liked the style at all, so we did not pursue buying that one. I am tempted to buy the Decatur without sitting in it.....I have never done that with furniture before and I do hope we are not making a mistake! I will be a bit disappointed if it arrives and is on the firm side. Furniture shopping is sooo complicated, especially when you can't find anything you like on a showroom floor!!!! I would be willing to travel up to 2 hours or more if I could sit in a Formula 14 with a Formula 8 would be worth it for me to sit in what I was going to buy!

Thanks again!

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F14 is just my abbreviation for Formula 14.

Might take a bit of work to find that specific cushion as any store you call will have to cross reference that cushion to a particular model number by going into the price list. You average store salesperson might not even begin to know where to look.

I would not hesitate to order a B-Y sight unseen due to concerns about comfort, because at the premium end of the spectrum there are very few pieces that sit poorly. If you liked the way a Flexsteel Latitude sat, then I'm sure you will be happy with a B-Y.

Duane Collie

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I found a store with a sectional that has a formula 14 seat and a formula 8 back...YEA! I am going to sit on it today....wish me luck! If I do not like the way it sits, I am back to the drawing board...UGH!!! Duane, thanks so much for the info on the price increase. If I like the way it sits, my husband is coming home early so we can go choose a leather tonight and my order will be in by Friday!!! I really hope I fall in love with it!


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Did you purchase the BY or the king Hickory? We are also between those two and not sure. The King Hickory cushion backs actually held in place better but overall we liked the comfort of the BY.


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