Calligaris furniture quality?

ID2014May 27, 2012

I was looking for some more affordable options for dining chairs for my new Saarinen table and discovered Calligaris. I like the styles and the furniture is well priced, especially for items made in Italy. Does anyone have experience with the quality of the brand? It is not available locally, although I will be to several cities with retailers so i plan to try them before I buy.

These are the chairs I'm considering:

Here is a link that might be useful: chair

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Sounds like you are in the same boat we were a few years ago when we were searching for affordable DR chairs! We have the Calligaris Even chairs in black leather in our DR. We had seen them around at a few places/furniture showrooms, in white leather, so we were familiar with them and their quality.

We have a black walnut DR table, with very clean lines. I knew DR chairs (especially with my taste!) tend to be very (very!) expensive (some gorgeous ones I saw online cost ~$1300-$1500 each if I recall--yeesh). We wanted at least 8 chairs, so expensive was really not an option. I thought the Calligaris chair would work well with our table (and would add a modern element to the organic contemporary decor "theme" or vibe in our home). More importantly, they would not break the bank. I knew what they ran price-wise, online. The furniture store where we had somewhat recently purchased our LR sectional, gave us a very, good price on the chairs (because of that, we ended up purchasing 10 chairs in total).

For the most part, the chairs arrived in very good condition. They really are quite decent. Leather might not be top quality (not the thickest of leathers), but is still quite good, and it's certainly been strong enough to take some of the inevitable spills and wipe-ups afterward (a dampened cloth or paper towel seems to do the job). I think they will hold up very well. Same goes for the foam/cushion itself, probably middle-of-the-road as far as resiliency and durability goes. I don't know how they will hold up over the long term (e.g. for many decades), but I can see them serving us well for some time.

The two "issues" we had on delivery were a wobbly chair, and a couple of chairs with some scratches in the metal frame, under the chrome finish (obviously something that happened prior to, or during production, not in shipping or delivery). Because the leather seat cushions were in great shape, the Calligaris rep (?) was supposed to have sent some new metal frames to replace the "defective" ones, and the store would just swap the cushions onto the new frames. Instead, Calligaris ended up sending two new, complete chairs, and they (or our store itself) said we should just keep them, along with the original chairs (break them down for parts, or keep as extras, or toss if we so desired).

So, all in all, we are very happy with the chairs. FWIW, my parents have a glass-topped lacquer Calligaris buffet, and it seems well-made, too. Calligaris is not super high-end top, top quality furniture, but is definitely good quality stuff, at a really good "price-point."


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Thanks so much for all of the information! I will definitely see the chairs in person and examine them carefully before I make my decision. I also found one chair at Room and Board I like that is a similar price, but everything else I've found is 1k per chair and up.

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Chairs are so expensive, especially when you consider getting a number of them to place around a decent-size DR table. We felt the Calligaris chair was a reasonable option with regards to style, price, and quality.

Good luck!

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