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dnilsenMay 16, 2012

Hey all!

I am pretty new here and I have a question for you all. We are rebuilding after losing our house to lightning/fire last July. We are about 60% complete and now the time has come to shop for/order furniture. We have been looking a lot of different places and since redoing the whole house is so overwhelming, I have hired a decorator to help me. She initially charged me $50.00 to do a layout of my family room (that's the main room I want her to help me with), and the rest of the help is free provided that we order from them. I went in today and we picked out the sectional sofa (leather), a chair covered in fabric that I chose, a huge ottoman that will be used as a coffee table/additional seating, 9x12 rug, 5 pillows, and two poufs that will be put under a console table (we have not priced the table). All of the furniture/pillow/poufs are Vanguard brand furniture that will be made with the fabrics/leather that we have picked out. I got the pricing in today and wanted an opinion on if this is a crazy price to do a family room. The rest of the house I will be putting together with other things and some we will hold off on until we decide what we are going to do for those rooms. We have insurance money to cover furniture, but whatever I can save can go towards to something else (we did lose everything). Input on the prices would be appreciated!

Sofa Sectional- retail $8866 your price $5320

Chair- retail $2792 your price $1675

ottoman- retail $1652 your price $989

rug with pad- retail $2325 your price $1195

pillows -retail $1098 your price $659 (2-22", 2-18", 1-rug 18")

poufs- retail $850 your price $495

total - $10,333

tax - $878.31

= 11,211.31

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Dnilsen I don't really know what you have ordered, but I will say that Vanguard produces a very good quality product. What you want to look for in upholstery is a well built product with a hardwood frame and eight way hand tied construction. Ask about how the cushions are constructed and examine the quality of the leather and fabric that you have chosen. Leather can really vary in quality. If you determine that the construction is good and the leather and fabric are good in quality than I wouldn't say the pricing is out of line. The pillows seem a little steep but then again prehaps they are high end fabrics or good leathers.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I went in today and we picked out the sectional sofa.....
Did you actually get to see and sit on the sectional and chair? I wouldn't spend that kind of $$ for 'quality' if I wasn't positive that it would be comfortable and fit my lifestyle.


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Hey Sue,

I did sit on the sofa version of the sectional. They did not have a sectional in the store since most of Vanguard's furnitue is custom. The seats were really nice and deep and the leather was awesome. After reading several reviews on Vanguard's furniture...I think it will be a great investment.

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I just checked their website out and their sofas are very well constructed. Premium all the way. Then I looked at their retailers in my area. Only sold at the most exclusive stores.

If you wanted to save a few $$$, just pick out some pillows, etc., yourself.

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Did you end up buying all that? I am an interior designer and if you already knew what you wanted my design business offers a "buying service" and I'm guessing we could have saved you a bit more than that.

Vangaurd is good quality! You'll enjoy it. I would consider a few other manufacturers though.

So sorry about the house. I can't imagine how hard that is.

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Dnilsen I am not sure where you live but if you are furnishing a whole house it might be worth it to drive to Furniture Land South in the High Point North Carolina area to get a good perspective of everything that's out there. Even if you don't order from them. I think it's the largest furniture store in the world. It's really quite incredible if overwhelming. They pretty much have evrything.

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Hey Everyone,

I have ordered my family room furniture and it should be in in about 4-6 weeks. I know I probably could have saved a little bit more money by shopping around more or going to NC, but due to work schedules, kids and getting this house built, we just went ahead and did it. I did lots of research on Vanguard, so hopefully it will be wonderful. I also just ordered our bedroom furniture. I went with a Ethan Allen Quincy King size bed in antique black and Kincaid Tuscano dresser and night stands. Looks like they will go together perfectly but still have the mismatched look. Going to wait on the dining room to see how the house comes together and what look I might want to go for. This has been a very long and emotional process. Thank you so much for your help!

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CharlotteHome: i am interested in your buying service. tried sending you an email, but there is none listed. could you please post your email?

thanks very much!

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Hey, my email is

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