Tooth Fairy madness

mommabirdJuly 25, 2009

Just wondering what the going rate is for Tooth Fairy for you all. She leaves a dollar coin for my boys when they loose a tooth. Many of their friends get the same.

But others get a $10 bill, a new Wii game (those are about $50!!!!), toys, etc. I think this is INSANE!

What are you hearing about Tooth Fairy in your neck of the woods?

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A dollar sounds about right to me. Those who give $10 and $50 games are nuts and their kids won't thank them in the long run.

No one, kids or adults, benefits from parents being over indulgent. The things we appreciate the most are the things that come from hard work and saving. I'm not saying that we shouldn't give our kids anything, but going overboard is wrong.

I can give you many examples of how over indulging kids has worked against the parents in the long run and not indulging worked for the parents and kid.

My nephew was talking to my son, who was a few years younger. He was telling him about his first year of university. He talked about all the expensive things he was buying and the concerts and things he was going to. He said the old man is paying. This boy never learned the value of a dollar and got into major financial trouble later on. My son was told that if he wasted money like that he would be in serious trouble with us.

My sisters boy wanted roller skates. She said put them on your birthday list or earn the money yourself. He went around to friends and family and asked to do odd jobs. He earned the money and bought the skates. While other toys got dropped anywhere when he was finished with them, those skates got the best of care.

Stick to your guns and don't over indulge your kids. You'll pat yourself on the back in the long run

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The local Tooth Fairy pays $5 for the first tooth and $1 for each subsequent tooth.

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The tooth fairy gives $2 in my house. Imagine my daughters surprise when she found $21! The tooth fairy didn't see so well in the dark and without her bifocals that night :)

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a dollar is the going rate in my neighborhood

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ruffian1 - I am ROTFL at your $21 Toot Fairy visit!!! HAHAHA sounds like something I'd do.

I inadvertantly gave my son $60 for spending money at Boy Scout Camp this summer. I thought I was giving him 3 tens but in my haste and not paying attention, gave him 3 twenties. I didn't realize it until the next day at the gas station when I went to get the twenties to pay for gas and had tens instead!

The stinker spent all of it at the camp Trading Post - what else would you expect a 14 year old away from home for a week to do? I wasn't mad at him - he assumed his crazy mom was giving him $60 deliberatly! Plus he did his Shotgun Shooting merit badge, and the camp charges $2 a shell. So about $25 of it went for shotgun shells.

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A tooth fairy is a mythical character that is believed to take the baby tooth under the pillow and replace it with a gift or money while the kids are sleeping. I guess it doesn't matter whether its $1 or higher as long as the tooth fairy loves to give it. I think that is the spirit of tooth fairy madness. Thanks.

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The tooth fairy here gives $1 for a tooth. Chloe's friend's tooth fairy gives $10. Chloe thinks she was robbed, but oh well!

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The tooth fairy here gives $1 per tooth. A friend lost a tooth on a day he was sleeping over here. His mom took the tooth home for him(it came out on a tackle during a football game.) He said he wanted to bring it to our house because he might be able to buy something with his $5 in the morning. My son was shocked that the tooth fairy would think so little of his own teeth.

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I lost a bunch of teeth, back around when I was 75: cost me a pretty penny, too, it did! (But a lot less than though it had happened at a regular dental office).

Would the fact that they were lost at the dental school have anything to do with the tooth fairy passing over my house, do you think?

Maybe the tooth fairy's too darn smart - knew that I was soon to have replacements arrive at the school!

Yeah, well ... those in their first childhood get replacements too ... it just takes longer!

(Adults/seniors get all the breaks!).

ole joyful

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I got a cool quarter from the TF in the early 1970's, so I'd say she's probably up to $2 or so now!

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The tooth fairy gave my now grown children a 1.00.My 5yr old grand daughter just lost her first tooth, she won't leave it for the tooth fairy.When told the tooth fairy would leave her money she replied if she needed some money her mom would get it out of the ATM or their checking account.Go figure!Debbie

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I just stumbled onto this thread. My daughters never "believed" in the tooth fairy, but they always got a dollar "from" the tooth fairy. However, due to the tooth fairy often being forgetful, we started to double the price each night it was missed. So sometimes teeth went for $1, $2, or $4. I don't think we ever made it to an $8 dollar night!

My girls like to look back and laugh about that now.

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