Pellet stove Flame leans back & goes up pellet chute

dpettNovember 18, 2005

I have a 99' Whitfield Advantage Plus pellet stove and the flame licks up the firebrick and appears to go up the pellet chute. When I put the stove on 4 or 5 it is even worse. Does anyone know if the burn pot goes in with the slot in the rear or the front?

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I've got a Quadrafire stove, but on mine the burnpot "slot" goes towards the rear, where the chute comes down. My fire pattern sort of jumps all over the place. Do you have a local Whitfield dealer with a stove display where you can actually see one of their stoves burning and compare it to yours? You might find out that what you are seeing is normal...or abnormal - but it's hard to tell unless you either have the dealer take a look at it, or see another stove like yours burning.

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Our St. Croix does a similar fire dance too. Has not caused any problems so no worries here.

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I just purchased a Whitfield this year. My flame also leans back. Have had no problems yet. The slot that I think you are referring to goes in the front on my stove I have a special tool that fits this slot for easy removel.

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Generally, if the flame goes up the chute, you need to adjust the damper some... on a whitfield, it's on the side. pull it out a little and see if the flame changes.

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