Fire place Film

redrabbitNovember 6, 2011

I have a unvented gas fireplace, aside from being noisey,poping and banging when warming up and cooling down it works great. Can anyone tell me what to do or how to prevent the film that gets all over my windows ?? I think the white powder on the screen is something I must live with..

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don't know if I can help you or not but I've heard some say to slightly open a window and it helps some. I beleive it defeats the purpose of using the fireplace.

I have the same issues and had a service tech come out to inspect mine for those same reasons. He found nothing wrong and said that the air to gas mixture was good. I know I'm real sensitive to the smell because it gives me headaches no matter who's house I'm over if they're using the fireplace as well.

If you have carpets on your floors, look around the edge of the baseboards and you'll see dark areas too. I guess this is just normal.

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You probably need to burn a hotter fire, that will clean the glass. I know it's hard to beleave. When you choke the fire it causes more smoke, so when you want to clear the white film put some wood in and open the damper and it should clear up.

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