Beach house + Leather Sofa...Good Idea?

hollie_z9May 10, 2011

I have moved into our beach house permanently and redecorating to make it a proper house.

Looking for living room sofa and considering leather. I now have a white slipcovered sofa that is constantly dirty, so hard to wash, I hate it.

I thought leather could work, was looking for a sand color but those aren't as durable as a harder leather, are they? And I want a modern look.

Biggest problem is people coming in from the beach with lotions on them and getting on sofas. How would leather stand up to this, and which kind of leather is best?

I've tried getting on Duane's forum but my login is never accepted. I want a very deep, modern sofa and most of H&Ms look traditional.

House is in northern california, Santa Cruz.


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I lived in a beach house in New England for 14 years and even rented it out in the summers for 9 of those years and I had a leather sofa. I loved it and never had a problem. It was easy to keep clean and several wet bathing suits sat on it at various times but it always seemed to dry without any problem. Though mine was a chestnut colored sofa, the type that, as it ages, it takes on a nice vintage look. In fact, 14 years later, the only thing to finally ruin the sofa was the dog!

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Dovetails, was your sofa the "hard" leather kind as opposed to a soft to the touch leather?

colinsmith...I've just had it with washing that slipcover and can't wrangle it back on anymore. I also have slipcovers in another room that are so tight they can't be taken off for washing (Pottery Barn).

When I've had slipcovers made they cost me as much as a new sofa would cost.


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There is a current thread on the Home Decorating forum here that is being posted to about this same topic. The link is below and will give you some people's thoughts there!

Here is a link that might be useful: topic on beachy style and leather sofa

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I live right on the beach.Considering getting a leather sofa,but there is so much salt and humidity in my house that destroys everything. I wonder if leather is a good idea?

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When you live close to the beach, everything that can rust will rust and every material that absorbs moisture will mold.

So, purchase your upholstery accordingly, no springs, elastic webbing only, any exposed nails or staples will rust, use foam cores design for quick dry, usually referred to as dry-fast foams, leather is usually unaffected by the salt or moisture, except leather doesnt breath well so moisture will build up in the furniture more so than fabric.

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Wow, since when is it OK to flop down on furniture in a wet swimsuit - beach locale, leather, or not? As long as there are reasonable "rules" for sitting down on the sofa, why not get leather?

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We have rules - but no one pays attention - and I have given up. I live in a house of men and I have learned to adapt.

I bought a cheap Dacor hard leather set from BJ's Wholesale for $1000 in 2005 for my beach house. We had just purchased the house and I couldn't afford more at the time. Considering I got a sofa, loveseat, and chair I figured it would not last too long but would give me time to save some money. It in no way matches the comfort or style of my 2 bradington young soft leather sofas at home (which 3 friends also bought after sitting on).

BUT - IT HAS ENDURED BEAUTIFULLY. Hard use? You bet. I never fussed over the stuff, my kids and friends sit sandy, wet and lotioned. I have 3 boys who are HARD on furniture and who love to bring their friends to the beach house (last weekend we had 19 boys there so both the sofa and love seat were slept on). Any way - it works. My sister's newer white slip covered sofa is trashed. When this set goes (and I think the frames will go before the leather) I will get BY but I don't know about the soft leather.

I would suggest you find the leather sofa you love - get some swatchs from the manufacturer, and rub them with water, sand and lotion to see how they hold up. Bradington Young sent me samples when I was shopping. Good Luck!

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DO NOT BUY LazyBoy furniture.
I thought I was buying a quality brand.
I paid twice as much for the LazyBoy
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They promised me quality and service.
They lied. Since the day I received the
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Call back. This company does not stand
Behind their products even within the first
Minute it arrives. They completely ignore
You. I would have never dreamed a company
Like this would have such a bad attitude.

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There are leather sofas that are easy to clean like those made in domestic leathers, which boast a unique protective finish that can repel any type of spills.

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Similar subject with house near beach but thinking of Denim vs. microfiber- just because Denim looks more casual , etc. Whicjh do you think with sand and in my house- snacks vs. wet suits. Thanx

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