How is a wood stove insert installed?

braytonakNovember 23, 2008

We've thought about getting a wood stove insert to replace our fireplace. However, I just wonder how it would be 'inserted'. The existing fireplace is 26 years old with a floor-to-ceiling stone facade. The stones actually overlap the fireplace a little, so I don't think you'd ever be able to pull the fireplace into the house without destroying the wall.

Can inserts be installed through the chase outside? The chase is finished in cheap T-111 siding.

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I've never heard of an insert being installed through the exterior. Sounds like a mess, although I suppose you can do anything with enough money.

Mostly you'd measure the size of the existing opening in the fireplace and buy an insert that will fit in the opening. Most inserts have a cover that extends around the existing opening by a certain number of inches to fill the remaining gap.

So it's very likely you can find an insert to fit the existing opening and fill the gap. You could consider using a chisel to cut the overlapping stones if that would allow you a larger insert, but probably that's not necessary.

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