Best polyurethane for hardwood floor?

andreadegMarch 19, 2012

Unfortunately I used goof off on my hardwood floors to remove some paint. Clearly, I didn't think through the implications of using goof off on my floors because it removed the finish in some areas.

So, I need to rectify the issue. I planned to screen the floor and then update it with several coast of polyurethane.

I'm looking for recommendations on polyurethane (or equivalent) to use on my hardwood floor. I've read that some people use marine varnish on their floors but I haven't found a marine varnish that is suitable for screening.

The product needs to be easy enough to use for a DIY er. The room is small, 5 feet by 5 feet, and is a bathroom. Since the bathroom is going to used by my not altogether tidy son I would like to be sure that the hardwood floor has a really good seal on it.

I happen to go by Ace last night and picked up Deft polyurethane, but I don't really know if this is a good brand or not.

Appreciate any recommendations you can provide.

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Bona Traffic.

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Thanks Doug!

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