Anyone Install Wood Stoves in CT?

naturalstuffNovember 20, 2008

I got a price of $200 from a contractor who didn't know a hting about woodstoves. I told him forget it.

I got another price of $1000 from a chimney place. I told them I might as well pay for oil.

Is there anyone in Fairfield county that can install the free standing wood stove for $700 including parts??

Can I do it myself? Is it hard??? I am an electrician!

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Well, Sparky, if you use the first contractor, be sure your fire insurance is paid up. Sounds like he wants to learn the trade.

If you use the second contractor, he'll probably do the job right.

If you do the job, you should probably plan to do it over a time or two and hope to get it right. Again, be sure the fire insurance is paid up --- but better check to be sure they'll pay off if you do the job wrong and cause a fire.

I'm a little disappointed that you ask if this is a diy job. I'm sure you've seen a LOT of variability in DIY work in your trade. The same range tends to apply to diy stove installation.

Furthermore, if you were going to diy in a competent manner, you should have already read and understood your stove's installation manual. That you haven't done so does lend support to the idea that you should do this yourself.

The short answer is that if you can read and follow the directions provided in the installation manual, that lends support to the idea that you can do it yourself.

Ther can be problems which require judgement or experience to solve though --- hope you don't confront any of those.

Also, as in most DIY jobs, plan on taking 2-3 times as many hours as an experienced installer would spend doing the job, and doing it over 1-2 times to get it right.

So---- how busy are you? If you are being kept busy in your trade, it's probably worth spending the $1000. If you are laid off for lack of work or have lots of extra time, read above to decide if this diy project is for you.

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I have a contractor coming just to do the roof part for me. I'd hate to be up there in 8 degrees right now. LOL

ONE QUESTION I DO HAVE: If the clearance of pipe to combostible is 2" from attic up, does that mean the sheetrock on ceiling needs to be an 8" hole for a 6" pipe?

This is the only thing I am worried about right now.

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Chris Newell

Yes, that is what it means. You can install a ceiling box around the stovepipe going into the ceiling that will cover up the 2" space around the pipe.

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