Amerisave recommended?

yadax3July 18, 2007


We're in the process of refinancing our 1st and 2nd mortgage and applied with Amerisave before finding some pretty negative reviews on the Net. Does anyone here have experience with Amerisave? If so, was it good or bad?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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I don't know about that particular company, but did you check with your state agency (sorry don't know which), but it is my understanding they have to be registered. We did something similar, before we finally sold, and boy I will never deal with a mortgage company again, but only with banks and savings and loans or credit unions. They kept selling the loan, but we wanted it on automatic repay due to traveling, and almost ended up pay late charges because of the selling. Within 2 years, we had 4 different mortgage companies. If you can get out of it, at least compare the rates, points with your bank or credit union. Watch for early pay off fees, late charges, and make sure if you do go with this company, and they do sell the loan and they will, they do NOT add any additional fees. I had one do that. They cannot do that.

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