Choosing Plank Size for Oak Floor

SSShayneMarch 8, 2012

Going with Rustic Red Oak #2 - for dining room/living room/hall

Really love the wider plank - but my contractor said sometimes going with even a 4" plank can see problems such as "cupping" or warping. But not always. Depends on moisture and the universe he said. Wood is coming from Cali and im in AZ - so hoping that will work in my favor

Just wondering if anyone has lived with oak flooring and can tell me if theyve had any issues with wider plank flooring.


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It is sad that contractors spread this sort of nonsense. Cupping and warping are not a mystery.

The house is stabilized for humidity and temperature,
the wood is appropriately kiln-dried,
allowed to acclimate in the home,
installed when both flooring and subfloor materials are the correct moisture levels,
and moderate humidity levels are maintained in the home year round,
Then your flooring should be fine.

All of those steps should be taken whether your flooring is 3" or 12". My floors range from 3-12" and they are fine. That said, if a customer lives by the beach and prefers to leave the house open to humid air all summer, and then use a humidity-sucking woodstove all winter, they will likely see some movement.

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Thanks! Thats pretty much the info i found online, exactly how you stated. Should be fine - im going with what i want!

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