WD Flooring & Northwood Flooring - any opinions?

HomesteaderbillMarch 11, 2011

Looking at 3/4 inch solid hardwood flooring for our new house. WD Flooring and Northwood Hickory/Pecan; Hickory; and/or Maple (and maybe another one or two). Looks like we can get 3-1/4 inch to 4 inch planks, pre-finished (Alum. Oxide) for $5 to $6 per sq. ft.

Anyone have any personal experience, or hearsay, with/about WD Flooring or Northwood Flooring - company info or product info?


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WD is a fine WI manufacturer. I have no experience with Northwood.

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Hi HomesteaderBill,

It's us--- WD Flooring from Laona, WI.

Please feel free to check out our website www.wdflooring.com.

or our facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/WD-Flooring-LLC/88927322734 .

Regarding your question I might also direct you to our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/WDFlooring .

We appreciate the reference from @woodfloorpro. Our goal is repeat business. We are sticklers about consistency of product. One of the important elements to Hickory is that it can either be Hickory or Pecan. While we differentiate other manufacturers do not. What we make is 100% Hickory that means that it is a denser and harder wood than Pecan.

We typically grade our hickory in three categories Select, Conservation Grade(tm) and Mountain Grade(tm). Both Conservation Grade(tm) and Mountain Grade(tm) are proprietary grades we developed almost 10 years ago. While all grades will have some color variation what sets them apart are the other 'character' elements particular to Hickory. The varying degrees are then defined by length with the length structure of our Conservation Grade(tm) being about a 42' average length. Our Mountain Grade(tm) has an average length of 7' with pieces being between 6'-8' in the unfinished and 5'-7' in the prefinished.

We do use a different finish than other manufacturers- it's much much harder. (We also do a prefinished hard wax oil but because we are the only domestic manufacturer of this product I don't believe this is what you are comparing us to. This product can be found at www.stang-lund.com).

If you have any more questions your installer can answer them. We have a great relationship with installers and if he/she has any questions please have them call us: 877-674-2210 or email info@wdflooring.com

We hope this was helpful.

The WD Team.

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