15 Lb or 30 Lb Black Felt Paper Under Hardwood?

johnxyzMarch 7, 2007

I was leaning toward a 30# black felt (oiled) paper to put over the original floor boards for a 3/4" solid h/w install rather than a 15# black felt or the red rosin kraft paper. Good idea or waste of money? I was going to buy it in the roofing section of HD Thanks for any advice.

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Did this and regret it SO MUCH. If you overlap the stuff, it creates a raised row from the 1/8 or so inch of the over lap. Someone told me they make a construction type paper and not to overlap joints....i dont even think I would use this after this experience.

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jeff147 - Thanks for describing your experience w/. 30 # felt paper. Would anyone else recommend to stick w/. the 15 # or red rosin kraft paper instead? Thanks.

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we used 30 lb but quickly realized the overlap problem. so we just butted the ends.

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For this you would probably be better off with red rosin paper so there is no chance of a bad sandwich being made of the old flooring. If you go with felt, just 15 lb. and butt it. I would also cut slits in it.

Are you installing the new flooring perpendicular or diagonal to the existing?

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I used the lighter weight felt for most floors I did. Works just great.

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could some one tell me why to use felt paper instead of other underlayments? Is it good for stopping sound transfer? And can it be used on solid wood and engineered hardwood flooring?

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Felt paper is simply a moisture retarder (not proofer). It also helps the installer slide the flooring in place and keeps down dust. On re-sands down the road it also helps to keep dust down by encapsulating the plywood subfloor so it won't generate its own dust filtering up.

On a mechanically fastened wood floor installed over plywood the best underlayment is Aquabar B by Fortifiber.

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