Guardsman Insurance on Sofa

propooMay 10, 2010

Hi all,

This is my First post. My new sofa is being delivered this week. I bought it from Dania, they are offering $200 GUARDSMAN insurance for 5 years. I researched on internet about GUARDSMAN insurance and reviews are not that great. Should I buy it considering sofa is expensive ($5000). It is black microfiber sofa and I do not have kids or pets.

any suggestion welcome!!


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You need to see what the insurance covers...spills...loosing it in a fire...someone's dog scratching it?
And $200 on a $5,000 sofa?? What good would that do? And don't you have household insurance???
I say skip that one!
Linda C

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It is not technically insurance, it is a "protection plan" that covers specific perils and excludes others. It depends upon the plan you buy, but it normally covers accidental damage such as single incident stains, interior breakage, burns, seam separations, etc. It usually excludes accumulated soiling, intentional damage, pet claws and teeth, items covered by insurance (loss due to house fire, broken plumbing, vandalism), etc.

There are different levels that go from repair or clean only up to complete replacement in case of a non-repairable item.

Many people that are upset either did not comply with terms of the contract or misunderstood what was sold to them. People that have used it, especially those with multiple claims are happy they have it.

Like I've said here before, it is "shared risk." It relies on a percentage of the people who buy it need it and the rest don't.

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Im trying to understand how "less than $1.00 per yard" to weave any micro-fiber fabric, could possible equal to a $5000.00 retail sofa. Unless you are purchasing 5 sofas or ? Sorry just from being in manufacturing, im scratching my head on this one.

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Thanks for replying every one...but this is not helping. first says to skip, second is neutral response, third is trying to figure out why it is expensive...:(

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Look at it this way -- The $200 is probably close to the same whether you buy an $700 sofa or a $5000 sofa. Now the amount to fix would be about the same if your baby's diaper leaks, but if you have to replace it...
"'ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? " - 'Dirty Harry' Callahan

Homeowner's insurance will not cover leaking diapers or a pizza that does a double gaynor, or a frame that cracks.

As far as Rmanbike's comment, if you think you can spin a $1.00 a yard fabric into a $5000 retail sofa, go for it and make a fortune. I know there was a large upholstery company factory in sale in Alabama for less than $500,000 including a lot of fixtures and machinery worth at least that much. There's also a recently laid off skilled work force who'd love to have a job.

I can't make the decision to buy or not buy the plan for you.

Disclosure: I service several hundred claims a year for them. About a third are repeat claims or multiple pieces; those people are always glad they bought the plan. I can't tell you anything about the people that never use it.

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I can tell you about my experience with Guardsman. I purchased a Henredon sofa with a cotton velvet fabric. My new dog (you can probably guess where this is going), long story short, pee'd on it. I called the furniture store and Guardsman had somebody come out to look at it. The fabric was not colorsafe and so they had to go the reupholster route. For some reason, Henredon kept sendong out the fabric with the weave going the wrong way so after 3 times (and a full year), Guardsman wound up giving me a credit at the store for the price I paid for the sofa and I replaced the sofa. Now, they won't cover the new sofa, but I was satisfied. I was definitely glad I bought the plan. Good luck with your decision!

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If you read your contract, once a piece is replaced, coverage ceases.

Again, if they had to price it for unlimited replacements, the price would go up for everyone.

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When Guardsman gives you credit for a replacement you can buy the protection plan for your new furniture.

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Ah, yes, that's a subtle difference. The only ones I'm familiar with is the piece is still in production and Guardsman contracts the retailer to replace the piece with identical replacement.

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My comments about the costs of the sofa, I would take back if I could. Sometimes you cant put a price on happiness, and insurance can bring peace of mind, so maybe you cant put a price on this either.

And bobsmyuncle, no I wouldnt even try, My conscience would get the better of me. But apparently it doesnt bother Dania.

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DO NOT BUY THIS "INSURANCE." I purchased a leather sofa and love seat (full grain) and got the insurance which was not inexpensive. A few weeks ago, I accidently put a hot plate on the arm of the sofa and it burned off the leather. I properly filed a claim through Guardsman's rather complicated and byzantine process. They refused the claim immediately and an ignoramus I spoke to said "it's not covered" even though the insurance policy clearly said that burns are covered.

When I pointed this out, the man on the phone said it wasn't covered. When I asked under what part of the policy he pointed to a paragraph that says something to the effect "anything not covered isn't covered." I repeated that burns are covered and he repeated it wasn't a burn.
I offered to present an affidavit that I burned it and he said it would do no good.

I am a lawyer. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GUARDIAN. The furniture company who sold me the sofa made good on the claim, but Guardsman did the wrong thing. By the way, the retailer told me my experience was not unusual which is why they no longer use Guardsman.

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Regarding coverage with Guardsman Bobs My Uncle has clearly summarized coverage. Most people who are unhappy with these plans generally make claims on non covered claims. These plans usually cover food and beverage stains, humain and pet bodily fluids and rips cuts and burns. Snafina's claim was a covered claim. The only other thing I can think of regarding Safina's claim was that Safina reported the claim after the five day reporting period in which case they won't honor the claim. Make sure you carefully review the coverage offered in your plan. These plans are not a cleaning services. As far as pets go they usualy cover pet bodily fluids and that's it. They don't over chewing, scratching etc as these are considered habitual damage. In other words your cat could claw your sofa. It could be repaired and your cat could claw your sofa again. Cat clawing is not covered. On the other hand if your husband sits on your sofa with keys in his pocket and the keys cut the fabric or leather that is a covered item so long as your report it within 5 days. By the way the only way they know your claim happened within five days is based on what you tell them when you file your claim. Also keep in mind that some plans are better than others. Some have better coverage. The key here is coverage only extends to what is specified in your plan, nothing else will be covered. One other tip tape a copy of your plan agreement and your purchase order to the bottom of your sofa, table or whatever, as you will need these to file a claim. Persoanlly I am in favor of these plans and know of many people who were happy to have purchased them.

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Snafina one other comment from your posting. You state:

I properly filed a claim through GUARDSMAN's rather complicated and byzantine process.

By the way there is nothing byzantine about filing the claim. Its like following any other warranty claim, proof of purchase, copy of your warranty and a little bit of paper work.

In this case you state you filed your claim with GUARDSMAN

You then say:


Guardsman and Guardian are two different furniture protection companies. Unless you were in the business, which you are not you state that you are a lawyer, how would you even know that there are these two different furniture protectiomn companies. Most people except for those in the business would not know this.

Sorry to say this but something doesn't seem right with your posting.

Perhaps you have other motives in making this posting

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Plan details below. It's pretty clear what coverage is.

Disclosure: I'm an independent repair service and I service some of the plans in my area. I see the claim only after it's been approved and processed and I don't think I've ever had to deny a claim after seeing it.

Here is a link that might be useful: sample of plan details (may vary by where you purchase the plan)

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Never! Never! Never! buy this type of fabric protection insurance without carefully going over the contract with a skilled lawyer you can trust. There are an amazing number of limitations, exclusions and disqualifications in the contract.

When you get a stain on your sofa, what is your first reaction? -- to try to get it out yourself of course. Wham! You have just voided your contract and Guardsman is no longer responsible if they cannot get the stain out.

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Jeff when you have a spill on your sofa Guardsman wants you to blot the stain and call them and register the stain. All of us have tried to clean a stain on a pair of slacks and ruined the slacks. The average person does know the best way to remove the stain. In this case the right thing to do would be to take the slacks to the dry cleaner.

It's the same thing with a sofa. Most of us in attempting to clean a stain will make it worse by setting the stain, running the stain or ruining the fabric. Guardsman has no idea what someone is going to do to the fabric when they try to remove the stain. Under the terms of the agreement these plans have a full replacement feature. How can you expect the company to pay for a new sofa when you have ruined the sofa.

As far as needing lawyer that is also overreaching. The terms of the agreements are quite simple. If you have a covered claim, file the claim. You will need a copy of your sales slip and a copy of your contract. With most plans you need to call Guardsman within 5 days of the occurrence. If you have a stain or any claim don't try to clean or repair it yourself. Call Guardsman or whoever and report the claim. That's it. If you have stained your sofa you will be very happy that you have purchased one of these plans. Remember the only thing covered is what is specified in the plan. Follow the instructions as you would with any type of service contract.

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Freethinker99 -- My comment about having the lawyer with you when you sign the contract was tongue in cheek. Let me put this another way. Selling fabric protection warranties like this is a huge profit center for the retailer, many times the percentage of profit they are making on the furniture. That profit is coming from you, the consumer.

If you are buying some incredibly expensive fabric that is irreplaceable you might consider a fabric protection plan like this, otherwise its just not a good business decision.

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Jeff I know what you are saying and I take your point but on the other hand if you had a mishap you would be glad you had purchased one of these plans. I know of quite a few people who felt fortunate to have the damage on the their sofa or whatever fixed. Most people wouldn't even have any idea of who to call or what to do if they need repairs. Companies such as Guardsman sell these plans a "piece of mind" plans and for this reason.

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Do something else with your $200.
The salesman convinced me to buy the 7 year warranty by telling me, even my kids take a knife and ripped the sofa, if they cannot fix it, they will replace it. Then a little inl on it, tried to clean it my self. It was enough for them to reject the claim.

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> Then a little ink (?) on it, tried to clean it my self. It was enough for them to reject the claim.

P. 2 of 2, under what is not covered:

Stains or damage, including color loss or color
change, caused by cleaning methods other than those
recommended by the furniture manufacturer

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Bob is exactly right. No matter which extended service plan you have Guardsman, Guardian, Ultra Shield, they all clearly state not to attempt to clean a stain your self. They say blot the stain and call and file the claim and it usually must be done within 5 days, some are 30 days. If you try to clean it yourself you will void the claim. If you call on the sixth day you will void the claim. If the policy doesn't cover all stains and you don't know what the stain is it will void the plan.

They don't want you to try to clean the stain as in most cases you will make it worse or ruin the fabric. Especially ink.

These plans are very good for the most part but you have to read your contract and follow the contract.

As far as kids and a knife. They do cover accidental rips, cuts and burns, but if your kids abusively cut your sofa with a knife they will not cover it and really they shouldn't.

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