Engineered Brazilian Walnut - Help!

nathendoMarch 18, 2013

Hi all. I am having a bit of a crisis over the hardwood floors I selected for my home renovation. These floors will be throughout the home, so I want to make sure I will be happy with them. I selected engineered Brazilian Walnut by Johnson Hardwoods. The concern I have is there seems to be a huge variation between the actual sample I looked at when I purchased the floors and the Johnson website. Take a look . . .

The one on the left is the actual sample and the one on the right is the image from Johnson's site. The floor vendor is telling me that I have to look at the actual sample, but I'm still feeling nervous. Has anyone experienced this same issue? Or installed these specific floors and could share a picture?

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Is it possible that the image provided by the website is the same wood in a different stain (or without any stain) than the sample you had?

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I have two Johnson Brazilian Walnut engineered samples in my showroom right now. They both look more like the picture on the right. Normally I would agree with your floor supplier because the online pictures are often not true to color. In this case I have to disagree. The sample on the left looks old. It may have been displayed in a window.
If you've bought the floor, open up a box and see what it looks like. If you bought wood based on the sample color, it doesn't match, and you don't like it, You'll need to return what you bought and find something else.

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Hi duchamp. I had the same thought about the stain color, but Johnson only has this version of Brazilian Walnut on their site and the specs from my dealer match exactly.

JFCWood - thanks so much for the helpful feedback. I've contacted my flooring dealer to see if he can cancel the order and have them send a single box to examine.

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Sounds like a good plan. If you want me to send you an iPad picture of my two samples e-mail me at

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nathendo, what did you discover about the Johnson Brazilian walnut?? We are looking at the same floor, also the American Walnut. My experience is that the Johnson website photos are horrible! Even the salesman in the store said you definitely could not choose your floor from their website. This store happens to have a large installment of the BW in their store, and it is much closer to what we are looking for...a bit more warmth, good color variation, but some greenish tinges (which we are not sure if we like). Theirs has only been in about 3 months, so I don't think it's only age that adds the warm tones. We may be ordering a sample box as soon as tomorrow...but would love to hear what you learned. Adding photo of their installment--sorry for the glare of the overhead lights.

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It seems Lapacho. Here is an Ipe picture with more colors, but less green olive hue.

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Uniquewoodfloor, that Lapacho floor is gorgeous! What width board is this floor? I love the look of a floor with color variations and some red in the floor. Most likely it is solid as I need engineered.

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