I found the cutest little woodburner!

pinch_meNovember 11, 2009

What do you people who know these things think of this one? Need to have a back up to heat a room if/when the power goes out in the winter. Vermont Castings Aspen Wood Stove. If I read it right, it would provide heat, a bit of light and I could heat up a can of soup on it?? The price didn't scare me although I have no idea what a little stove will cost. And then I'll still need a hearth and duct to the outside. What else? Some kind of backer board behind it? How much will I end up spending, start to finish?

Here is a link that might be useful: Vermont Castings Aspen Wood Stove

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Who is going to install it? I surely hope it's going to be done by a professional. There are clearance guidelines that must be met, so placing it directly against a wall may not be possible.

You will need more than a "duct" to the outside, you will need a chimney. And if you live in a cold climate, you will need a chimney that will warm up fast, so a double wall system may be needed.

But carefully look into Vermont Castings. They USED to be among the absolute best stoves out there. But the company has been sold so many times lately, the quality has gone into the toilet. Even stove shops here in Vermont aren't selling them until they can be sure they won't have to go out on a regular basis for service.

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I have installers here. But the thumbs down for the brand took the wind out of my sails.

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Christopherh's warning about current Vermont Castings products should be heeded. The Jotul 602 stove is very similar in appearance (so similar I wonder if the VC Aspen is a direct copy)and would be a much better choice in the same price range.

As christopherh also wrote, you're going to need to connect to a Class A chimney, either masonry or triple wall (usually) stainless steel. If one of these does not already exist, the installation cost for one would be many times the stove price - triple wall runs about $30 per foot, I believe. You will also have to meet the relevant local/state code standards for a hearth and clearance from all combustable surfaces.

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