harman p68 heat output

richgvtNovember 23, 2005

Its 20 degrees here in Vermont. I have my stove set at 70 degrees feed rate on 3 and the fan on high. House is about 68 deg. The stove doesnt seem to be putting out that much heat. Seems like the air coming out of it should be hotter. I can hold my hand about 6" in front of the stove and its not uncomfortable. Is this normal? Not sure how this will work when it gets to be 0 or below. Im heating about 2300 sq ft. Just curious what other people experience. The stove was near empty this morning so I put in a bag around 7AM. Had to put in another at 7Pm. Thanks and have a happy thanksgiving.

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3 seems awfully low. I would crank up the feed rate at least a couple of notches.

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I will try that when it gets colder. when I asked the dealer what it should be set at he said just leave it on 3. I imagine it will really go through the pellets. thanks.

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You can expect it to go through 2 bags a day when it is really cold.

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Rich, crank it up 3 is too low for a feed rate. I run my p68 at 4 and around 73 degrees

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I will give it a try. thanks. how is your esp probe working out? I had to move mine away from the door because the stove kept running even though the wall thermostat said the room was at a higher temp. I put it behind the stove again but then had to move it back because the stove shut down too quick.

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Last night it was around 18 here so I have the probe in one place around 4 ft up and the length of the cord away. At this point it just keeps running anyway. Cold in VT?

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Its pretty cold. I had to move the probe from behing the stove since it just does not run long enough. I had it set at 70deg and the livingroom thermostat said 75. Stove just kept running. I tried cranking the feed to 4 and does put out a lot more heat. Its on 3 now because it not a cold now. I figure it will use less pellets.

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