Bamboo strand from Costco for kitchen (plus)??

ailene54March 5, 2012

Hi, When we decided to update our kitchen I wanted a bamboo floor. We were going to pull up my vinyl floor and sub floor since the my Kitchen cabinet and refrigerator top are so close but was told my sub floor is a "thick piece of wood", thought to be there to level the floor, it was suggested not to touch it. The adjoining rooms are oak floors which were built with the house in the 60's. While looking for a bamboo strand floor I saw one at Costco. The natural color bamboo will blend in with my other floors, and will look nice with my oak/tile table which we are keeping for a couple of years. So, my question is, has anyone had experience with their floor? Any information will be helpful. Am also thinking of putting same in laundry room/mud room which is a step down from kitchen on a cement slab, with vinyl/plywood on top. We use this as an entrance from the pool in the summer, so will probably put a carpet runner when pool is open. Any and all thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. Does anyone know how a vinyl stick floor is for a laundry room?

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From what I have read, bamboo and moisture are not compatible. It is even more prone to cupping and warping than regular hardwood. I have also read somewhere that
Costco carries a cheap line of "maade in China" bamboo flooring. I'm not postive about all this because I opted for an engineered hardwood floor that is reputed to be moisture tolerant.

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Hi, thanks for replying. I have checked out the bamboo strand that costco caries, it's made by Mohawak, and is the same floor carried in the flooring stores except the floor from Costco is a narrower plank. Durability is suppose to be very good, as is the quality. Told Bamboo strand is harder than oak, and will be fine as far as being put in the laundry room, it's like any other wood floor being put down there....not the smartest, but I'm doing it's a small area, worse thing is I'll have to replace the laundry room floor.

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We have Costco bamboo flooring in our kitchen and think it's great. The click lock floating floor aspect makes DIY installation a snap. I personally don't consider kitchen floors to be a "wet" area like bathroom floors. We spill things, but not that often and we wipe it up right away.

We've had the floor for two years and no problems. In fact we just pulled it up (in the midst of a kitchen renovation) and there is no water damage of any kind.

That said, the idea that it is harder than oak is a bit deceptive. It dents and scratches like any wood flooring. It won't look pristine for that long. I have had it long enough to decide if the wear gives it character like oak or just makes it look beat up.

Having pulled it up and having to put it back down make me very happy that we chose the flooring we did.

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Oh, and one other thing, Mohawk doesn't make the Costco flooring as far as I know. It is made specifically for Costco by a company called Wellmade which brings up the only other complaint I have about the product.

You have to mail order the time pieces from Oregon. I did this so they would match the flooring. Well, despite giving them the code on the box, the trim pieces weren't even close in color to the flooring. I might as well have gone to HD and bought the trim there.

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SSjimbo thanks for replying. I just picked up the floor it's sitting in boxes in my living room. Knowing that there are similar color trim at HD is helpful, since I do need some and was going to look for them tomorrow. What do you use to wash it?

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Sorry for the delay. A damp cloth should be fine for cleaning the floor. We use wet Swiffers too and haven't had a problem.

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I took a Costco bamboo sample home stuck the end in water overnight. Dried it off, and the finish was much darker where it had been submerged.

After drying out for another couple of days, the sample looked like new! No softness or discoloration whatsoever. It should certainly be good for withstanding many minor wettings over the years.

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