How to perk up a pea gravel & epoxy porch floor

jerzeegirlMarch 3, 2012

I have a epoxied pea gravel floor on my porch and it's looking a little discolored and dirty. What can I do to it to perk it up a little bit? I am not sure if it can be painted or needs to be steam cleaned or what!

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Ask the installer, or look at the manufacturer's website for cleaning instrucitons.

It all depends on exactly WHAT epoxy was used.

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That's a problem - I don't think anyone knows since the floor is about 25 years old.

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You can always get some oxalic acid (deck cleaner) and a soft bristled brush and clean it. It might be possible to reseal it with an epoxy topcoat designed for exterior use after you clean it, but you do take a risk that it wouldn't bond with whatever epoxy was previously used. You might be able to mitigate the bonding issue by etching the exposed aggregate with an muriatic acid solution, but that's something only an experienced DIYer or a pro should do.

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