Please Advise!! need help purchasing DV fireplace online

michoumonsterNovember 22, 2011

Hi all,

After spending 20 minutes waiting around the local fireplace store with my two ansy toddlers in tow and getting absolutely no help or even a "i'll be right with you" (while one salesclerk flirted with some guy, another stood around, and another was on the phone), I decided I should save myself future frustration and take my business elsewhere to buy my direct vent gas fireplaces. But this being the ONLY fireplace store in our town, i don't have another option to go elsewhere, except online or do a one hour trek to the next closest store. My GC will do all the installations, I just need to order the fireplaces. Can you recommend a good online store to purchase from? I need to buy 3 fireplaces, so i don't want to make a costly mistake! please advise!

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