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messagemandoNovember 20, 2011

Got a question. Is the following doable or what? What I want: I want a fireplace that can burn wood. I want this fireplace to be able to burn wood, but can be started with gas prior to. I want this fireplace to be able to burn gas only with no wood if I don't feel like chopping/hauling and am being lazy:) I want this fieplace to have a blower but still be somewhat effective even when the power is out. It is to be placed in the corner of a 750 square foot room. I know very little about fireplaces (obviously) but I know what I want..lol. This is to be installed in a new construction home project I've started. Right now all I have finished is the 'rough in' stage of framing/outside wrap, etc. The fireplace will be on the downstairs level of a two-story home. Thanks in advance for comments!!

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I have been struggling with this question myself. Although, in my case, it will be a new fireplace in an existing house.

#1 suggestion. Get yourself a book (or books) on fireplaces to help you determine some of the esthetics. When a room has a fireplace, that is typically the focal point so you want it to look good AND function well.

Napoleon Fireplaces make woodburning fireplaces with vents. So do many other manufacturers. All woodburning fireplaces should be fitted with a gas started that could be used later if you only want to burn gas. However, the converse it not true. Many gas-burning fireplaces are NOT rated to burn wood so be sure to take this into account.

Some parts of the country with tough air quality standards (such as California) have outlawed wood burning fireplaces unless these are the only source of heat for the home. In these areas you can have a wood-rated fireplace but it must be fitted with gas and gas logs. (That would give you the option of burning wood in an emergency.) Be sure to check building codes.

#2. Consider raising the firebox off the floor by 18". This makes the box look bigger and raises it to a level that can be viewed from a greater distance.

#3. Have the hearth either flush with the rest of the flooring or built up to 18". Anything in between is a trip hazard. An 18" hearth will provide extra seating and my favorite, a warm toasty place to put your feet!

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