Give me name of the best Nat.Stone Impregnator/Sealer

nicole0007March 3, 2011

Hi, I'd appreciate your help in telling me the best impregantor + Sealer combined product for sealing travertine. It's not a lot of square footage so we're going do this part ourselves (200 sq.ft.).... (after the installation).

I want to buy the best there is and not have to do it as often if there is a product out there that lasts longer than others.

One flooring guy (we didn't pick his stone) alluded to a product that lasted 15 years but needed some one certified on the product or they wouldn't sell it. I never got the name of the product.

Can you point me in the right direction? They'll start in a week-10 days, so I've got some time to track it down. Any tips, hints or caveats???

Thx, Nicole

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I'm no expert, but since no one has replied, I'll tell you what worked for me.

I looked up tile distributors (the distributors who supply the tradesman, not the retail stores) in my area, then visited two of them. I asked to speak to the guy who knew the most about these things, then explained that "if money was no object, which would you go with and why".

I received very similar information from both people, and went with a product that most closely delivered on the important points.

I also have travertine floors, btw. They're pretty good providing you don't have a dog that likes to chase balls around, in which case they'll show scratches :-).

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