Uncover walled over fireplace for gas insert?

mafreezeNovember 12, 2011

Hello friends-- I own an old home (1947) that was flipped just before I purchased it. The remodel was extensive, and included covering up a perfectly functional wood-burning fireplace with drywall. I have never seen pictures, but I imagine they ripped out a mantle and any sort of surround material before covering up the opening with drywall, flush with the rest of the existing wall plane. FYI, the wall is uninsulated, plaster over brick/block. It's cold to the touch in winter months as I live in Denver. I can tap on the wall and hear where the solid plaster turns to drywall over the opening.

I did hear from the contractor that the ONLY reason this was done was due to furniture layout. The room was converted from a living room to a master bedroom, and given the new door openings to the space the only sensical place for a bed/headboard was smack dab against what used to be the fireplace opening. This makes relative sense to me, but I want to uncover the thing and insert a gas-burning unit. I believe I can figure out the furniture layout dilemma, if you want to call it that.

Any ideas what I may be in for or best ways to go about accomplishing this? I do have a gas line directly below the space. Getting the fuel to the unit seems to be the easy part.

Thanks for any tips or suggestions!

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