What to do about dull waxed wood floors

joannbmMarch 9, 2013

These floors were sanded, stained and waxed 10 years ago (water damage). There were stains they could not remove at that time. This home was built in 1954. These floors get a lot of traffic (dogs and teenagers). Wish I had put poly down, but too late now. Cannot move out to have resanded and probably can't resand since this was the second time it was done. Should I just clean with johnson waxed floor cleaner and try to repolish with my little home polisher? They look awful, dirty and dull. Please help!

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Replace them. It's time.

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You might be able to do another sand. Depends on how much wood was taken off the previous times.

Replacing is the expensive option. Call a pro out to hear all your options before you maje a drastic decision.

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Thank you. I found another website on this subject which recommended using a fine steel wool and Restore a Finish, then cover with Johnson paste wax and buff. I tried a small area and it looks great. Thank you

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Another option would be to hire a floor refinisher to clean with mineral spirits, treat the floors with Dura Seal Renovator and buff with fine steel wool then apply paste wax and buff. It's probably similar to the product you mentioned. Wax and buff again in a couple weeks then in six months. Do high traffic areas as needed then clean with mineral spirits, apply wax and buff once a year. Lower traffic areas won't need as much attention as high traffic areas. Once you get a nice wax patina you'll be able to buff out scuffs and you can switch from a paste wax to a liquid wax (NOT self-polishing wax) that will dry faster and buff up nicely.

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They didn't used to have all of those commercials about "dull, yellow, waxy buildup" for nothing. Wax is a PIA as a floor covering. Sand it down and put a decent hard coat on it if there' enough depth of wood left.

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