How much for a cord?

orlimar105November 30, 2006

I've been offered a price of $175 for one cord. Does that seem reasonable? Not sure if prices vary depending on when it is ordered. Also, I am told the wood can be used for this season, but is there anyway to check when it is delivered? And will it be stacked for me? I am in the New York Hudson Valley area.

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In your area, $175 is the going price. I'm in CT. The lowest price around is $185.

As far as knowing if it is seasoned, ask when it was split. If it's less than a year ago, it's probably still green. Wood seasons at a much slower rate before it is split, and most wood takes an additional year to season once split. Oak takes up to two years, and the harder Maples and Elms need at least a year.

When they deliver it, you want it to have cracks at the ends. The ends should be dark in color. When you knock two pieces together, they should produce a hollow ringing sound. If they produce a dull thud, it's still too wet to burn. If the wood smells fresh, it's green.

You'll have to ask in advance if they stack it. For $175, I doubt it.

Above all, confirm they deliver the size you have requested BEFORE they dump it in your yard. Nothing is more annoying than asking for 20" logs and getting 24" that don't fit into your stove.

good luck.

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I paid $140/cord delivered in Baltimore but I see prices from $160/cord on up. When stacked, a full cord is 128 cubic feet, usually 4'x4'x8'.

It's best get this year's wood last year so it has much more time to season. At the end of this year's burning season, buy a cord for next year and you will be glad that you did. Also, you should get yourself a chain saw and start scavaging for wood in your area - before you know it, you'll collect at least half-a-cord (plus it's good exercise).

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$175 is about right today.

But up here in VT we have some serious woodburners. The time line about waiting a year to burn the wood really isn't necessary. I have 2 cords of wood that's a year old in my yard since it was a warm winter and I got another 3 cords in October. I can tell you that the two piles burn equally as good! As a matter of fact all our neighbors get their log lengths in September, cut them to length and split it themselves for firewood that's gonna be used this year. We don't wait until next year for the wood to turn gray, it's just not necessary.

Split a piece of the wood. If it splits clean, you're ready to go. If not, wait another month. Keep it dry and it'll be ready to burn in January. Some people will put wood in the garage and put a BOX FAN on it. The moving air will dry the wood enough to burn in a week.
Another way to tell if the wood is ready is to light it up and listen. If it "sizzles" it's not ready. Then we just place some wood next to the stove and it dries while waiting to burn.
Buy the firewood.

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Delaware State
6 month seasoned wood
Per cord, cut and split, delivered (does not include stacking):

$175 for mixed wood
$225 for oak

This is my second year ordering firewood. Last year, I had 2 cords delivered in August and started using it in October. I keep it, away from the house, covered to protect from rain and snow. I also have it stacked in rows (2'x4'x16') with room to walk between rows to allow for airflow around the wood. When stacking, I identify the heavier and thicker logs pieces and give them more time to season. I've been pleased with each delivery. My wood provider errs on the side of being generous with their wood rather than delivering short of a cord. I truly relish the entire process of using firewood. Enjoy!

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I paid $155 for a cord of wood (split and delivered) in northern NJ. I stacked the 2 cords that I bought under my deck with a tarp over it...


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going rate here is around 140 per cord, delivered and stacked. i got 6 cords free last year, just had to split and stack them myself. my parents and i split the cost of renting a wood splitter, so for 45.00 i got 5 cords and they got 1. My wife and i have a fire every night, but my parents only burn one every now and then. i will have to get more wood later this winter, as we are much colder now than last year.

i had about a cord of old wood left at the start of this season. i use it to start the fire, then add the newer wood to it later. the old wood ran out last week, and when i started a fire last night the under seasoned Oak took forever to get going. even then it just barely burnt. 1 large split log burnt for 6 hours!

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200 delivered for a full cord in Westchester county NY. 50 mins north of NYC. Glade I can get wood for free. All in all it is still a lot cheaper then oil.

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Paid $175 in North/Central NJ, but as discussed in another thread I was shorted, not a full cord, my usual experience. Those who get full cord are lucky in my experience. I gather and split some on my own and seldom buy wood. Stacking is always extra and most would rather dump, so they can get out before you stack it and see it isn't 128 cubic feet.

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I live in Alberta, Canada...
Does anyone know if Poplar is "good" quality hardwood?? and what I should pay up here for a cord??

Thanks in advance

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I remember back in the eighties I read a book that said if you have 5 acres of poplar trees, you will never run out of firewood. Just cut an acre a year. Sure, poplar is a good wood, but it isn't really a "hardwood" like beech, maple or oak.

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I bought my first cord for '08 from a farmer up the road, as I have been doing for the last 5 years. I live in a development northeast of Baltimore, MD.

Price was $20 higher than last year for mixed hardwood. Paid $170. Stacked 2'x4'x16' for a good cord. I have been seeing prices of $200 in the local paper.

Last spring, I bought the wood from a tree on a property up the street that was cut down by a tree service. Paid $75 for a cord of maple. I had to do a lot of splitting but it was well worth it, plus good exercise.

I will also be on the look-out for free wood that I can get with the chain saw.

Starting the burning season with 3+ cords to suppliment the new heat pump.

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How much for a cord of wood in Northeast Iowa? A guy is quoting me on a 5 face cord minimum (1.5 cords) for $300 plus a $50 dollar delivery fee

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This year we opted to try something new. We had a logging truck of full logs delivered for $800. We got just shy of 9 cord of wood out of it. With oil at $4.59 a gallon we didn't want to go broke trying to stay warm this winter.

If you have the room to do this it isn't a bad option. We've been split and stacked for several months now. It was a lot of work but worth it.

We are in upstate NY.

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But what did they deliver? hardwood or pulpwood?

And while you split it and stacked it, has it had the time to cure properly are are you planning to burn "green wood"?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the course you've chosen, but if you don't have properly cured wood for THIS heating season I wonder about the overall efficiency of the heat you'll derive from the green wood you've purchased.


We spent the past month splitting and stacking the best part of 4 cord, with the knowledge that it won't be "cured" until at least March '09.

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The load of hardwood was delivered in early April. We do not burn anything but seasoned wood. It has been split and stacked since May. It was downed the November prior. We have 3 cord of oak and locus remaining from last heating season that was cut and split when we cleared the lot we built on back in 2004. In addition we have one cord of apple in gnarly 24" lengths left from last season that is strictly used in the fireplace and not burnt in the wood stove. Apple burns with such a nice fragrance but it is horrible to split and stack neatly.

The new wood will be cured and ready for burning come December but we shouldn't need to hit it until late January at the earliest. We got enough wood from this delivery to cover part of this heating season and all of the next heating season.

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We've been splitting and stacking wood since early August. We wear "ear muffs" and when we shut off the splitter we both remarked that splitting/stacking NEXT year's wood is the same thing as making a "13th. payment" on a mortgage. The exercise is about minimizing the future cost of staying warm.

I know what you mean about "splitting" apple and cherry... lol. We don't have a fireplace, so everything goes into the woodstove. When we burn the apple, maybe I'll go outside and inhale deeply. ;)

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We have 2 cords in the back that are ready to go. But with the almanac calling for a "Numingly cold and snowy winter", we got two more cords delivered yesterday. All hardwoods for $185 a cord. By February, they'll be ready to go.

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